Sept 24 - Touring Oswego


Oswego turned out to be much more than we expected. This little city is steeped in history with beautiful architecture, passionate residents, and a thriving arts culture that brings it to life. We happened to arrive during Harborfest, an annual event that features bands around the city. 

Sunday morning we visited a lovely Baptist Church. It was a small but enthusiastic congregation lead by a young minister. After service we had the pleasure of meeting and encouraging her . . . and since they were doing some tech upgrades, we were able to connect her to some free online resources and tools.

This welcoming town begged for a little exploration. A walk to the municipal buildings, various shops and light lunch outdoors in the shade of an umbrella set off our relaxing afternoon.

As we strolled back to our boat, I was moved by hand written signs attached to each lamp post. Posters with words of affirmation and hope had been carefully written in hopes of steering youth away from suicide. We were amazed and impressed that someone cared enough to take the time.

As we crossed the bridge on the way to the marina we got a good look at the first lock of our journey that would begin tomorrow through the canal system . . . after our boat inspection.