Sept 25 - Finally underway


Early this morning (as early as we could) we called to book our boat inspection appointment only to discover that, after all of the delays, we didn't need a boat inspection to get our cruising permit . . . to get through the canal system! It seems that since our boat is registered in the US it is already cleared to cruise US waterways!

After getting a few groceries and helping 3 other sailboats prep to have their masts taken down, we finally said goodbye to Oswego and set off towards our first lock. We made it through several of them today, including lock #5 which lifted us 18'. Wow!

We were already getting really good at going through the locks with ease. Every time we entered though I kept thinking of our boys. Our first lock adventures were with them, heading to Cedar Point on a family holiday. I miss them a little each time we enter a new lock.

The Oswego canal provided a diverse glimpse into life here. From meager cottages to sprawling waterfront homes with large power boats, or serene wildlife habitats to industrial complexes, the canal connects all forms of life and commerce from one city to the next.

As the engine droned on in the background, I have to admit that I shirked my duties to snap some pictures and then slipped into a peaceful sleep. Andrew on the other hand soaked up his role in his long awaited journey, taking in the sights, happy to finally be on the long awaited adventure.

Tonight we would stay in Pheonix, NY at a lovely, free dock hosted by the town . . . but more on that tomorrow!