Day 1 - Arriving in Oswego


Today was the first sunrise of our Bahamas adventure. We had made good time even with cargo ship maneuvers during the night. We were ahead of schedule and looking forward to making it through our first lock of the Oswego canal, which connects to the Erie canal system.

The old lighthouse, in all its ancient character, welcomed us into the harbour. The warmth of the day creating a playground of thermals for massive eagles above the Port of Oswego buildings. Andrew, with a look of contentment, guided us towards the marina. This is definitely his happy place.

We tied up briefly to check in with customs using a video phone. We are used to the routine since most of our sailing races cross into US waters. Paperwork in hand we called in, and received our arrival number, but our boat would have to stay at the marina to be inspected . . . on Monday.

Not what we had hoped for but it means our vacation, relaxation and resting will have to begin today because we will be here for a few days! So that is what we will do!!