Prep & Departure for the Adventure


PREPARING FOR ADVENTURE! Packing a boat for adventure seems pretty straight forward and simple but there is so much to do to prep. Two weeks of working non-stop to not only prep the boat but also finalize everything else at home.

Final decisions and purchases were made to complete our outdoor renovations. With painting finally completed in the backyard, the finished environment is a beautiful get-away . . . just in time to enjoy a few mornings of devotions and relaxation. What a thrill to have it all complete before welcoming our first pastor couple to stay while we are gone.

In the meantime we are busy at work packing, planning, 3D printing custom shelf dividers, getting final safety items shipped in, coordinating final servicing on systems, and more. As the final week approached it was time for the final setup. In order to bring the mast down all of the sails had to be removed and stored, main boom, boom vang, lines, wiring and cotter pins had to be removed and wrapped for safe passage through the Erie Canal system. Finally mast cradles were made, able to hold the 59' mast (over 800lbs) securely so that even in waves it would be stable.

With a full marina crew on hand, careful planning and preparation were completed before the crane hoisted the mast from its setting. With careful coordination and balancing, the mast was laid perfectly, final tethers put in place, and cables, lines and chords wrapped securely for the trip.

The last of the baggage was loaded around 4:30pm, some final goodbyes said to friends and we set sail (or left under power) at 6pm. Tonight we would be going through the night so that we would arrive around noon the following day . . . in time to clear customs and enter the first lock before mooring for the night.

Toronto disappeared us as we headed straight toward Oswego. The sunset illuminated the sky and slowly exchanged places with a luminous moon that would coat the waves in silver shimmer all through the night, a glittering canopy of stars creating an unexpected wonderland. 

We each took 2 hour shifts at watch. Normally we would stay awake by making adjustments to sails and direction but shipping lanes were busy and kept us awake. With AIS we were able to navigate and stay clear of any potential collisions on our way to Oswego.