Oct 10: Anchors Away!


After a great break at Hop-O-Nose Marina and an opportunity to get a few more items to maintain the boat, we set off towards our first anchorage on this trip. Today we will make it most of the way to NY, with an anchorage or two before we finally start down the east coast of the US.

This morning was rough…for me. Our bed is not comfy on my back and I usually wake up sore but it is motivation to do stretches and work out before getting started. After taking a few days break from exercises though today I couldn’t move. Not good when we needed to pack up.

Andrew had been at it for a while…and packing up was not going to plan. First the electric pump was not working. Then he had to jerry-rig hoses together to get the foot pump working, only to discover the patch on the Zodiac that had been added last night did not hold. Finally able to move again, I helped him roll up the Zodiac and put it away to be fixed at our next marina stop.

Surprisingly fixing things, cleaning and planning takes up 30-40% of each day. These odd chores alone provide a regular workout. No gym required!

First we were off to get fuel and a pump out then off to finally go under our first large bridge with mast up and looking fabulous. (I am sure I heard Andrew say ‘Yes!’.) He is much happier with the boat back together.

Just when you think you have witness everything a waterway can possibly have, our travels today yielded a whole new set of sights. The lighthouses in the middle of the waterway are still there but each unique, but cruise boats are suddenly much larger.

What we did not expect was to see 3 sky divers floating through gently down, dropped from a helicopter. After watching a few rounds we realized we were near a very large army base. Along the waterfront recruits were doing their daily run as the helicopter picked up the next load of students and dropped them to land at the base.

Our next surprise was a stunning abandoned castle with only a few walls still holding strong. It sat just off shore with support wires holding the last glorious pieces in place. What remained was beautiful! Without much effort your imagination immediately begins to fill in the sparkling events and life stories that were once lived out within its walls.

As we meandered further beautiful rolling hills rose up to greet and guide us toward our anchorage for the night, far from the busy river channel. Our dinner of pork chops and salad with a little jalapeno spice was romantically lit by our solar powered twinkle lights and candles. To set the mood, sultry jazz by my friend Jeanine Mackie played softly in the background.

Here ducks, frogs and crickets converse softly and gentle waves lull you to sleep. And then a train comes by, every 10 mins . . . lol.