East Coast Adventure - Day 2-3


Morning breakfast in Montreal was spectacular. Nestled at the top of the hotel, the cafe provided a picturesque view of downtown between artistic accents, alongside buffet breakfast made perfect with Quebec flavours and specialties.

The city inspired even as we left for the next leg of our journey, 4.5hrs to Montmagny. Now on day 2 of our ride, and still sore from yesterday, additional breaks we're needed. Stretching, laying on the grass, practicing hand relaxation, shifting seat positions and shoulder crunches all helped to get through the additional hours when your body is this sore.

Initially we wound along the back roads near the St. Lawrence, then made our way to the Trans-Canada highway, speeding up our arrival in Montmagny just a bit.

The town captures the quaint side of Quebec so beautifully. White sign posts with hydrangea bushes lining the roads, and historic homes down lovely side streets all made this town feel welcoming.

The next day we decided to stay and recouperate a bit with a relaxing morning and an afternoon walking tour through town. Our only was challenge that everything was in French, a great opportunity to practice our French but not always easy to understand tourist plaques and signs as we walked along the waterways and visited the ferry port.

We found a local micro brewery for lunch called MICROBRASSERIE. Most craft brewers have gourmet or interesting approaches to food, and this one was no different. Our lovely lunch was augmented by their drinks and a beautiful view of town.

The town approached safety in a different way. An antique farm equipment display park was an interesting discovery but seemed somewhat dangerous for children (even Andrew almost hurt himself) and the main town had designated bike paths but seemed to be missing much needed sidewalks, except on the blocks near school. Interesting!?!

On our way back to the hotel we saw the coolest little car/one-person golf cart ever! The little orange wonder came bombing along in the bike lane. So cool!

Back at the hotel we relaxed on our patio overlooking the atrium and in our room before a light dinner. Tomorrow we are off to Grand Falls...our first stop in New Brunswick! Very excited!