East Coast Adventure - Day 1


Summer is always packed with activities. Our sons arrive home and focus shifts to enjoying time with them, along with visits to family and friends. 

To wrap up the summer Andrew and I planned a trip to visit friends in New Brunswick on the East coast. Should be a great time together enjoying our motorcycles, and a really great opportunity to catch up with amazing friends. The only oroblem with the idea us that this summer our van was sold and I purchased my first car, using it more often then my motorcycle. Needless to say my body is not prepared for this trip.

After prep the night before, we departed early this morning to stay ahead of the forecasted heat. Despite that it wasn't long before we were muggy, sweaty and very sore. A few stops along our 6hr ride to Montreal provided much needed opportunities to stretch, grab a bite and even lay down for a bit, breaking up the boring highway drive and giving our bodies a break. The final hour went very quickly, offsetting the pain of cramping hands and tooshies with the need to stay alert while navigating Montreal construction and downtown roads.

We arrived to a spectacular hotel, Hotel Le Germain, situated right in the middle of a high end shopping district. Our sprawling room is beautifully appointed. After settling into our gorgeous room, relaxing and getting ready for a nice night out, we found Xavier the doorman in the lobby who provided recommendations for dinner.

The evening danced with sound, smells and colourful patterns whisking past on bustling streets. Ducking into the recommended Cafe Vasco Da Gama for dinner was well worth it. This hole in the wall restaurant redefined our idea of Portuguese food. Each bite sang with flavorful simplicity. We could not help but sample several dishes...and a few desserts too of course.

We wrapped up the evening with a walk through town, observing frosh week fun as we passed McGill University, checked on our bikes and then heading back to our swanky hotel. As we walked up the steps Xavier, and his co-worker were quick to open doors with a warm welcome. 

Montreal was a enjoyable stopover. Great pick honey! Tomorrow we head to Montmagny on the south side of the St Lawrence, enjoying winding roads (yeah!), a smaller town and a hotel/resort with an indoor atrium and pool...sounds interesting!