East Coast Adventure - Day 5-6


Saint Stephens

Today we will finally enjoy the scenic route, experiencing river views, sweeping back roads and a glimpse of New Brunswick culture. Starting with a boring highway run, we soon turned down side roads, twisting and turning through farm country and quaint towns.

The route made connectivity a bit of an issue for our GPS, forcing stops, occasional u-turns and adjustments to our route. The most bizzare change took us down a gravel road. Certain it would be a short linking road, we began our off-road adventure, a little concerned about the effects on our suspension and road tires but glad for our dirt bike training.

The 'short link' road turned into a 40min ride, avoiding large rocks and potholes. Since Andrew had the navigation feed, I rode behind managing the additional element of his dust cloud as we rode, wiping my visor regularly so I could see. It sounds crazy but it was probably the most fun I have had since the start of the journey.

The balance of our ride combined great switchbacks, interesting power generating, and some cool bridges, including the longest covered one in the world. Before long Saint Stephens was in sight.

After a stop to refuel and an opportunity for me to dust myself and my bike off, we found Karen and Mark's house. How amazing to see them again after almost a year!

Their warm welcome made us feel right at home. We were treated to an amazing dinner on their patio. Conversation and catching up went late into the night…perhaps a little too late for church the next day. Great conversation continued over breakfast and then on into an engaging church service with a very welcoming congregation.

Afterward service, Karen and Mark we're ready for a bike adventure of their own. With some borrowed helmets and protective jackets, they jumped on the back of our bikes suggesting lunch at Saint Andrew's. What?!? We just love our adventurous friends! Very few people would opt for this kind of adventure…and even fewer women. Karen you are a woman after my own heart!

Like Saint Stephens, Saint Andrew's did not dissappoint. It was a lovely town, tailored to tourism with shops, seashore and lovely homes right on the ocean. Of course fish and chips were on the menu for lunch with some famous lemonade and ice cream as we explored the waters edge and pier.

After our exhilarating ride back, we said goodbye to our adventurous friends and headed to our waiting room at the Cassa Breeze Inn. The top floor was ours with a spectacular view of the waterfront. Tomorrow we would cross the boarder…crossing through Maine to New Hampshire. Can't wait!