East Coast Adventure - Day 4


Grand Falls

It has been interesting travelling through Quebec. Each day full of French, gracious francophones, and our attempts to correspond and understand signage.

Today we left Montmagny early, dressed warm, and a little less sore after our day of rest. Our 3hr highway trip stretched out in front of us (the boringest way for a biker to get somewhere) but took on exhilaration as we crossed into New Brunswick…yes!

Dropping our bags at Best Western, we explored Grand Falls. Our first stop, a visit to a silver roofed church/cathedral. Yup, that's right! It seems to be a thing around here.

I instantly fell in love with Grand Falls and it's downtown that beacons you to explore, dine, shop, and laugh with friends over tasty delights. On the patio of Le Grand “Saut” Ristorante we soaked in the view of the shops and a delicious dinner as the sun began to set. Perfection!

Steeped in history, Grand Falls has been home to many notible Canadians including Ron Turcotte, an internationally recognized Jockey with more than 3,000 wins to his name, the Order of Canada and reconized in Hall of Fames globally. His monument was an unexpected discovery on our way to explore the falls.

Along the riverside walking trails and lookout platforms provide a stunning view of the waterfall which plummets 75ft, etching rocks below into mythical formations. Visitors can enjoy ziplines over the falls or take in the spectacular view while dining at a restaurant on the ridge. Amazing!

The setting sun drenched the landscape in Hughes of orange, inspiring our love and a first kissing selfie. A lovely way to end our day. Tomorrow we will we will be going off the beaten path a bit, arriving in St Stephen…and the home of our friend Karen and Mark. We can't wait!