May 13 - 16: To Beaufort - 2nd Leg Home


You never know who you are going to run into so always be kind!

The morning was perfect for our next leg to Beaufort, North Carolina. In fact the forecast predicted ideal weather for the whole journey, a day and a half with one night on the ocean.

Today we caught sight of the 328' Aviva yacht as it passed by us. Owned by a London-born £4 billionaire businessman, the yacht reaches speeds of up to 20 knots, features a full-size tennis court, and accommodates up to 16 guests. Crazy unbelievable!

I again battled with seasickness for the first part of the day but by afternoon was doing much better. No double doses of medication and finally able to eat normally...yeah! Finally able to do things, I whipped up some fresh pasta for the homemade sauce prepped earlier. So many of our cooking projects on the boat would have been easier with kitchen gadgets, but these last few months doing things by hand has surprisingly been a fulfilling and very rewarding experience despite being more laborious.

Turquoise, cobalt and ruby ran through the skies in a stunning spectacle, an awe inspiring backdrop to our fresh pasta dinner. These natural wonders are what make boating so unforgettable. 

The warmth of the day transitioned to a chilly evening as we began our watch shifts. It was enough to make us wonder why were leaving the Bahamas. Andrew checked coordinates and relaxed into the first watch. Our shifts went faster this time as marine traffic increased, keeping wide awake throughout the evening. 

Beaufort was soon in sight with a slip in our favorite marina. After a necessary boat wash to fight rust and corrosion, we grabbed lunch at the Dock House Restaurant run by the marina team. Our favorite are the burgers with a variety of toppings on buns so light that they down't drown out flavour. Yum! The perfect meal before crashing from exhaustion.

The next morning the forecast predicted a week of crazy winds and storms. We would be stuck for the week but Beaufort is a great location to be with stunning historic homes, beautiful gardens and over 30 restaurants. Overall a great place to relax and take in the sights.

Beaufort is home to a lovely organic grocery store Beaufort Coastal Community Market, where we picked up some fresh produce, quinoa, Yogi teas and a few other goodies. Very helpful since there are no grocery stores within walking distance of the marina. 

On our list of restaurants & shops we enjoy:

Black Sheep - One of our favorites for Italian style food, their pizzas are amazing and white anchovie crustini appetizer...very tasty. Andrew always likes to try the local IPA as we travel around and of course did the same here. Our lovely waitress Sally recommended her preferred IPA called 'Blah Blah'. Needless to say, Andrew had a little fun with it.

Beaufort Grocery Company - Once a grocery store, this restaurant features fabulous meals made with fresh local ingredients. Andrew enjoyed a bacon wrapped sirloin and I tried deep fried soft-shell crab. Their salads are amazing as well topped with custom-made dressings suited perfectly for each. Addictive!

Clawson's - With their vintage post office and memorabilia decor theme, they serve outstanding meals such as seafood, steaks, burgers & craft beers. Fantastic flavours...absolutely wonderful. 

Finz Grill - With a stunning view of the water, Finz is known for their fresh fish selections and seafood focused menu. One of our favorite meals are the tuna tacos with very generous portions of seared tuna. Or just stop by for cocktails while you relax on the outdoor deck and watch wild horses on the island nearby or dolphins swimming.

Beaufort Olive Oil Company - A must visit shop in our opinion. Find a tasty array of olive oils, vinegars, spices and kitchen gadgets to take your cooking experience to the next level. Worth the visit!

Restaurants, clothing shops, stationary stores, museums and more make your stay here very interesting. If these don't interest you, enjoy parasailing, boat tours to view, rent a golf cart, enjoy a music festival, go diving or take a ferry to visit the Rachel Carson Reserve to suntan on the beach, enjoy a picnic lunch and visit the wild horses. So much to do!!

At the dock we were joined by another sailboat the exact make and model as ours, only the 3rd one we have seen since purchasing our yacht. Needless to say it wasn't long before we became acquainted, were sharing stories, and exchanging info on minor tweaks and fixes.

In preparation for our departure, on Saturday we arranged to use one of the Marina's free cars. While the service was helpful, it came with some interesting side issues like the RPM, fuel tank, dash indicators that didn't work, windows that didn't work, and floating An adventure, but better than most rentals in the Bahamas and just the transportation we needed to get a few last important items.

On Sunday, our last day here, we enjoyed church service at One Harbour Church in the morning and afterwards grabbed a last lunch at The Grocery restaurant. That evening we hosted both pastors from the church and their lovely wives for dinner and enjoyed an evening of laughter and encouragement…what a great time together.

On our last evening we enjoyed live music and a final drink at the Dock House Restaurant. As the artist packed up I thanked him and encouraged him to pursue his The artist didn't need the encouragement. It was Davy Williamson, a very accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. You just never know who you are going to run into.

Tomorrow we embark on our 3rd ocean leg straight to New York...and our final journey on the ocean.