Treasure Cay - Our safe harbour


On the surface Treasure Cay may seem as though it doesn't have much to offer but since December it has come to mean many things to us. It became community as we met new boaters, laughed together over pizza at large tables, and made many amazing friends. What was meant to be a safe spot to leave our boat during Christmas, instead became our home base between exploring various Abaco islands. And as we counted down our last few days, there is much we will miss about our 'safe harbour'.

This very interesting marina is always buzzing with activity. Ferries transport tourists, charter yachts arrive with visitors, and sea planes take flight while boats, residents and visitors mingle. Although there is not much to do here, the attraction to this location is understandable.

Here you learn to relax as the beach beacons you to walk, explore and find rest along its 3.5 mile stretch of perfection. One of the top 10 beaches in the world, it is hard to resist the crystal clear, turquoise waters and talcum powder sand that stays cool on your feet even on the hottest days. The perfect place to wash away stress as waves lap onto the shore, birds banter, and stingrays glide through the water nearby.

The Bahamian culture is so heartwarming, full of laughter and an intense joy of life, it has a way of breaking down the barriers of stress and making space for relaxation. Born out of love for family and community, and days that prioritizes life's simple pleasures instead of business deadlines. Tourists that get it watch stress melt away, replaced by a calming peace. 

This community meets the needs of its visitors in a very special way. Car, golf cart, bicycle or scooter rentals make it easy to explore the area, visit other towns on the island, or enjoy natural wonders like the Blue Hole, a 254 feet deep geological phenomenon. Our favorite expeditions were found along random roads and causeways, sampling baked treats at local shops, visiting islands soon to be developed, discovering teenager hangouts, interesting wildlife, sea treasures, and unusual buildings.

The local shops cover most essentials. A small hardware store is packed with everything from screws and fixtures to kitchen gadgets and garden accessories. Find postal services, Bahamian phone and data packages, local baked goods, souvenirs, groceries and more. For us the grocery store was a big plus. Run by the very lovely Ashley, it is stocked with a great variety of options, the best selection after Thursdays shipment. Need something specific? Ask Ashley. She is often happy to pick it up for you! 

In most Bahamian marinas laundry costs $5/machine. In Treasure Cay, add a tip to that and Donna and her lovely daughters will wash and fold your laundry. Lovely! A very welcome assist after hosting groups of visitors on our boat. One less clean-up job to do!

Our favorite restaurants became Coco's and Bahama Beach Club, both right on the beach; Spinnakers for prime rib night; the Tipsy Bar for pizza nights, watching Canadian teams take out their rivals, and of course black light karaoke nights; and Treasure Sands resort when we were craving high end food with vegetables grown right in the restaurant's gardens. 

For fresh fish, an order would be placed with the local fishermen who would restock us with fresh Lobster, Mahi or Grouper...or sometimes we would catch Spanish Mackerel ourselves in the clear, crystal waters nearby. Andrew enjoyed the fishing opportunities here often. The only time he didn't was when he caught a 3' Barracuda that took a bite out of his side. After the battle, it seemed only fitting to donate the fish to a local Bahamian for dinner. Here Barracuda is a delicacy, and this one would feed his whole family.

We will miss you Treasure Cay! The staff who are so lovely. We enjoyed their friendships and updates about their families which made our stay so special. We were privileged with requests from David (the resorts head chef) to sample and critique his new dishes...a very tasty request. The lovely beaches with a sandbar that emerges at low tide, spectacular marine wildlife, and off-road relaxing hideaways. We will miss the lovely congregants and speakers at the community Church, our favorite shops, Saturday markets and incredible friends. Thank you for being our safe harbour and making our time in the Bahamas spectacular!