Jan 03-21: Guana Cay...finally!


Our return from family holidays was met with icy winds and waves relentlessly pounding the islands, dragging away layers of luxurious sand. In these conditions we wouldn't be going anywhere for a while. Safe harbour (in Treasure Cay) is always the best choice.

Days were spent in the warmth of the yacht or bundled in layers of clothing as we enjoyed Treasure Cay's amenities. The would delay 'exploring the Bahamas' but it was perfect for relationship reflection...and we took advantage of it.

By the 16th, storms had calmed creating perfect sailing conditions and the first opportunity to sail without a motor since our departure in Sept. Hopefully we would finally explore other islands along with friends Bob and Julie.

We hoisted sails on our way to Great Guana Cay, of course taking our time as winds propelled us forward, tacking through crystal waters to the music of rolling waves and canvas snapping wide with air. Andrew was completely in his element, eyes focused, not moving from the helm for almost two hours. Every move and sail adjustment was calculated for maximum velocity. This is definitely his happy place!

We arrived with the setting sun and anchored near friends, thrilled to begin exploring the next day but by morning the forecast had changed. Storms were again rolling in necessitating our return to safe harbour. But we had some time for a quick, frigid tour to the famed Nippers restaurant and a walked on the beach ranked the 3rd most beautiful in the world was a must before departing.

Three days later we returned, this time without the pleasurable sailing. We anchored near the lovely Grabbers Bed, Bar & Grill. The facility is set up as the perfect family retreat. Everything about the location makes you want to relax.

Cottages line the beach where hammocks and lounge chairs beacon you to relax, read or sun-tan. Life size chess, connect four game and sandbag toss keep the whole family entertained. As the day heats up, visitors enjoy the pool with refreshing tropical drinks in hand, and what a better way to wind down the day than over dinner lit with the incredible shades of sunset each evening.

Sunday morning hues rose quietly, painting the water surface and surrounding boats in tranquility. What a perfect morning to join a local church to worship God. We were welcomed with great enthusiasm and enjoyed an in-depth sermon from a local Bahamian minister. After morning service we explored the island golf cart style, finishing with a much warmer visit to the Nippers.

Sundays are often their busiest days. Customers come from all over the Abacos for their famous Hawaiian style pig roast. On warmer days it is standing room only amid laughing, dancing, swimmers splashing gleefully in the pools and the beach filled with families. A must see sight is the 'Barefoot Man' (lovingly known as the Jimmy Buffet of the Bahamas) when in concert here.

Each restaurant in the Bahamas offers their own unique rum drink and Nippers is no different. It is so busy here that rows of slushy machines line the bar ready for dispensing. The rum drinks are very tasty but watch out, in the Bahamas they usually pack a punch so drink with caution.

While you are here try out the underwater scooter and, if weather permits, enjoy the stunning reefs near the south east side of the island. For visitors who rent a vacation home on the island, there are no lack of beautiful beaches to visit and scuba diving. As a boater, once we had visited the restaurants and walked the beaches it was not my favorite place to revisit. Our golf cart provided minimal sightseeing as most of the island is gated off for private and celebrity residences. 

Other islands like Green Turtle, Manjack and Elbow Cays have far more attractions and include very interesting wildlife encounters.