Dec 11-19: Community of Treasure Cay


Vibrant communities nurture talent and bring people together.

We are captivated by Bahamian culture ablaze with the joy of living. This exuberance seems to be born out of a love for God and founded around family and community. Dancing and singing through work routines, their laughter seems to bring any occasion to life, even the daily grind of keeping the marina and nearby shops running smoothly.

Treasure Cay marina has been a lovely retreat. Sheltered from most storms, it offers standard amenities but with unique restaurants, evening security, and a variety of nearby shops. It has been an ideal place to enjoy a few weeks before leaving our boat, safely stored for Christmas.

However, what makes the location most engaging are the Bahamian people and the variety of events coordinated by the marina community and condo residents. They go all out to create a fun community environment. A series of special events run weekly in addition to upcoming Christmas concerts, tree lighting ceremony, Christmas golf cart and boat parades elaborately decorated, and more.

On the first Saturday of our arrival, a tented village was erected for a farmers market. Alive with colour and incredible smells too hard to resist, we eagerly explored and then returned once again for the Christmas market a few weeks later.

Some of our favorite booths:


Fields of Green Farm

Lauren, Christine and Lavonda welcomed us with bright smiles and sumptuous samples. With a treasure trove of artistic bottles and hand crafted edible delights, we could not leave without tasty pickled beets, jellies, jams and incredible local tropical fruit juice blends, the perfect afternoon refreshment!

Fruity Freddie Farms

Owned by Huel Moss Jr. this table dares visitors to bring on the heat. Veriti and Latario offered hot sauce samples with a gentle warning about their authentic Bahamian hot sauce. Up for the challenge we dove in, thoroughly enjoying the full bodied flavour and purchasing a few bottles of heat.

Kirk Da Real Conch Man

With hot treats on our mind, we had to try Bahamian Conch salad. This local delicacy is made fresh onsite using a white snail found in conch shells. 

Throughout the weeks before Christmas we enjoyed most of the events, sampling other delicious treats like conch fritters and mango smoothies, but we did not fail to attend the weekly Thursday night pizza party with our sailing community of friends. This weekly event is very well known in the area. Through the day, boats and local residents arrive, filling added overflow tables by evening. The evening entertainment host sings and dances on the bar to karaoke tunes, with lively feature entertainment and parade provided by a local school, drumming and dancing as only Bahamian kids can. What a lot of fun!

With some Bahamian Christmas gifts in hand we wind up a wonderful week and prepare for departure to Canada. Our boat will stay here in safe harbour under the watchful eye of security and friends while we are away. Before returning, we will have one more detour, Christmas with my family in . . . the Exumas. Can't wait!