Dec 1-10: Beauty of Treasure Cay


Creativity is best found in the absence of things to do.

Situated beside one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, we have been spoiled the last few weeks in Treasure Cay. The stunning 3.5 mile stretch of talcum powder soft sand gradually recedes into clear sparkling water, perfectly warm to the touch. Its beauty is enhanced further at low tide when a long sandbar emerges, allowing visitors to venture to the middle of the channel between two islands.

Nothing can prepare you for standing on dry sand while ahead tides still meet, criss crossing on their way towards opposing destinations. Here where boats usually glide between islands, suspended four feet above seabed, instead toes curl deep in sandy exuberance. An incredible and overwhelming experience. Is this how the children of Israel felt walking across the red sea on dry land?

To observant explorers this new jetty comes alive with sand dollars, starfish, conch shells and other creatures, each discreetly inching their way towards watery homes, a camouflage coating of white sand providing protection from predators and shade from intense sun.

This glorious beach has been an excellent source of entertainment, exploration and exercise. It has been the site of magnificent long walks, conversations and idea exchanges, rejuvenating our relationship and health. Never boring, each day yielding interesting sightings and simple pleasures like playing with small red crabs emerging from the water.

Positioned about 100 yards from the waters' edge, Coco Beach Bar & Grill has become one of our favorite dinner spots. Outside colourful umbrellas and suntanning lounges provide welcome shade for refreshments after long walks. Inside chef David and his exuberant Bahamian smile has become good friends with 'Mr Andrew', cooking up 'specials' for us whenever we visit. His recent invention, BBQ Bourbon Chicken with marinated onions. Delicious!

Visitors to the Bahamas understand that food and supply costs are high, even a boxes of cereal are doubled in cost. To mitigate expenses we arrived stocked with supplies (ships stores), using these to craft creative with meals, but local ingredients are becoming a more regular staple. Although the islands are made of limestone with little soil, fresh ingredients are all around in addition to amazing fresh fish and sea food.

As I explore more local ingredients, Andrew has become quite skilled at fishing, often catching a 2.5' Spanish mackerel, enough for a few meals of lovely fish. Occasionally a group fishing trip is arranged with other boaters. Of course a lively community meal follows in what has become a lovely rotation of dinners hosted by neighboring sailors aboard each ship. Tables overflow with homemade delights and fresh catch of the day (lobster, fish and/or conch) amidst exuberant company, tall tales and laughter echoing into the evening.

Here, even in the marina, most days we are blessed with clear turquoise water, ideal for viewing marine life near our boat. White spotted black rays (Eagle Rays) glide through aqua crystal while Sea Turtles munch vegetation in the shadows of docks. Large fish beckon our fishing lures and tropical fish dart about in play. Evenings slip silently into stunning golden sunsets and meteor showers among starlit nights infuse dreams with awe. The majesty of Bahamas has provided more than a quiet spot to regroup as a couple, it continues to inspire new thinking, creativity and great friendships.

With now only a few more weeks until Christmas, I can't be more elated with the thought of finally seeing or boys and enjoying time with family and friends. Until then we continue to savour each day . . . uncovering new secrets to be found at Treasure Cay!