Sept 28-29 - Ilion Marina, with Bridges & Guard Gates


This morning we left for Ilion, NY. Along the way we saw some fabulous bridges and I learned the definition for, and witnessed, Guard Gates. These large 'gates' or thick metal walls are raised to let water run freely through the canal, or they are lowered to reduce water flow through the canal. We happened to catch a picture of both.

After a beautiful trip down the Erie canal, going under highways and bridges, we cam across this beautiful, rustic train rail bridge still in use. Lovely!

We arrived at the marina at Ilion Marina later in the afternoon. In time to plug our electrical in and get dinner ready. A great spot to spend a few days with 50A power, washer, dryer, wifi and showers all available. The marina made good use of their space, using it as a RV park and providing space for a very popular burger diner on site, customers coming from town and surrounding area.

Ilion is the home of the Remington Arms Company which has been the major industry for the town for many years. In fact when it came to naming the town, Mr Remington was asked if he would approve the use of his name. He politely refused and the town was named Ilion instead, an Archaic name for the pre-classical city of Troy.

Our excursion into town proved very helpful. We were able to find some needed tools, groceries, and other supplies. There were several Innovative shops that stood out. A candy and cake shop offered an assortment of wedding and occasion cakes for order but for walking traffic, cupcakes, sweets and an amazing assortment of inspirational home-made signs. Although we could not take any on board, we had to take a few photos. My British husband enjoyed visiting Beer Belly Bob's which brought in a unique collection of beers, ales and ciders, and offered tastings and pairings in a cafe style room off the main store. Cute bakeries, restaurants and homemade ice cream shops were also a highlight of the town and made for an inspiring afternoon walk.

With WiFi again we were able to complete some of our previous blogs finally before going to bed. Before we crashed, Andrew decided to tease me about the volume of throw pillows I had on the bed, by burying

The evenings were very relaxing. The only downside were the late night trains but otherwise a really lovely dock for a few days.