Sept 26 - Resting in lovely Pheonix


We woke less exhausted after welcomed shower, lovely meal on board and an early night last night. So thankful for this lovely dock, with free power and wifi. This quaint little spot is run by a youth volunteer group who care for the waterfront park, welcome boaters, and will deliver meals and carry groceries for tips. Of course we made a donation! What an amazing contribution to the community.

As we sat having breakfast this morning, the school bus picked up kids and parents met up in the park beside us to have coffee or read a book. When Andrew first picked up the boat with his father, they stopped into this town and we welcomed by a band playing and dockside tables filled with vibrant community members. What a beautiful community environment to engage with tourists and bring the community together.

Today we did a little exploring the town. It was very cute but was a fairly quick visit. The whole town was encapsulated in a few blocks, but with lovely shops and very sweet people.

A stop in a local cafe run by one woman was an adventure for the palette and eyes. She had build a thriving business around easy to make foods with minimal cooking in her lunch stop decorated with everything from every season, including some very interesting antiques.

The most interesting thing in the shop though was the pull-tab poster for UFO sightings! This man was taking things very seriously and could be hired for seminars even!! 

The rest of the town was equally interesting. A historic building still had a large 'Bank Alarm' mounted near the roof, the lift bridge was a very unique design, and a small peninsula of land gave a clear view of the divide between the river and the canal system (and great shots of our boat.)

Tomorrow we will head off to our next destination, thankful that we were finally able to catch up on some posts. Off again tomorrow!