Targa 2017 - Volunteer Day 2 (Race Day 4)


The morning dawned today with a gorgeous sunrise and plenty to be thankful for. Some competitors have had to leave because of hurricane damage to property or to care for family caught in the wake. When put in perspective, it is hard to feel sad for our loss when so many others have far graver worries.

The Centennial College Mechanics team, made up of the Dean of the School of Transportation, one of the professors and 3 very bright students, has already been up for several hours doing last minute fixes and prep on the cars. Their dedication to our team has been beyond impressive. We could not race without them.

My CRO (Competitor Relations Officer) partner and I were off for early morning breathalyzer testing. Our first races of the day would be in Harbour Grace. The take off site for Amelia Earhart's fateful flight began in the aerodrome here. Yet another reminder that we had much to be thankful for.

That afternoon competitor friends would add their accident to the roster, both walking away unscathed though. Their Corvette did not look so lovely but they were both very safe, and no one needed a hospital. Fabulous! It was a great day with an amazing team dinner and a lovely sunset to wind things down.