Targa 2017 - Prologue Day


Today we had opening ceremonies and prologue races (trials for race position tomorrow.) Out of 11 competitors in the GT class, most with quite a bit of experience, we tied for first with two other teams. Amazing since this is only our second year!

When there is a tie, cars leave by car number. So tomorrow we will be the first off the start line. Crazy! We will have to be at the top of our game on the new courses since we will be the first to experience any new difficult corners or turns.

First out doesn't guarantee anything. None of our times today count towards final standings, and as we learned last year, anything can and has happened...and your position off the line can change daily. What we are most pleased with is that we have adapted back to race mode quickly. As a general rule, we tend to take each race one at a time and try only to beat our previous run. It helps us keep our heads on straight and focus on the challenge ahead.

We have been lovingly called the "Dudley Do Rights" by our team. We will see in the coming days how we live up to our name :) Tomorrow's races are official and count towards our overall average. Let the games begin!