Targa 2017 - Race Day 2


Day 2 we maintained a tight lead and set ourselves apart for first place up until the 2nd last race of the day. At the start of this race, a combination of unfortunate events put us out of the race.

Our mechanics team had already told us our driver's side front wheel was badly damaged. This combined with a poorly marked corner, crippled our car and we could not get parts in time to stay in the race. As the first car out, we would find out for everyone that you could not apply speed to that corner. Thankfully our incident saved other competitors similar grief or major injury.

We are both okay outside of dealing with serious disappointment. Needless to say we needed the evening and morning to deal with things. We have now rejoined our team to support them. I have become the Targa reporter (doing interviews with the drivers) and am a Competitor Relations Officer...driving a race stripped black mustang around...lol. Andrew will be a Race Marshall and race track safety sweeper tomorrow.

The other competitors have all expressed their thanks and regrets for our unfortunate event. Most were hoping we would win...wow! We have turned things around and continue to have fun as volunteers. We will have to try again next year 🙄