Targa 2017 - Race Day 1

We maintained our position of 1st in the GT division. Today were increased speeds of 105 km and a top speed of 145 km on country winding highways and through town with rain. Sounds crazy but after seeing in-car footage you will see just how calm we are during the race.

4 days of racing still to go and anything can happen. In fact the head of our mechanics team took our car out to check it and it died. After an intensive review they discovered a fuse had come loose after years of use. Had that happened tomorrow, before or during a race, we would have missed the race and immediately been slapped with penalty points, disqualifying us for first place.

Again the people of Newfoundland do not cease to amaze! They are caring and wonderful hosts. Thank you to the many towns that participate, to the many volunteers who make this whole event possible, and to the leaders that coordinate everything. Our biggest thanks!

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