Training Exercises: Day 2


Andrew and I have spent a lot of time learning in preparation for our travels. Outside of reading up on the subjects, we have done our charting courses and have earned our radio licences, and are official members of the CPC (Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons).

On board we have charts, compasses and GPS location devices. However, in preparing for doing longer trips we are also employing various technologies. This allows us to be more current with weather conditions and helps ensure we stay in areas that are deep enough for our keel.

Since wind was an issue again today, the day was about planning our next stop using a variety of the technologies. We began by plotting a basic course into the main on-board computer and engaging auto navigation. We then moved to our wind app to review the wind patterns for the day and evening. We would be anchoring off shore rather than pulling into a marina so to ensure everyone's safety we would need to select a part of the coastline that would shelter us from any storms that might blow up during the night.

Next we were able to inspect the coastline better on our tablet, zooming in on area maps to view sheltered inlets and ensure depths we ideal. We then did a quick google maps search to see what was in the area. If there were interesting and accessible restaurants or stores nearby, this would be our excursion out for the evening or a dinner out.

Once we had our research complete we could then plot all of our course changes into the on-board computer and let it take us from there. The rest of the day would be filled with reading, sun-tanning and keeping an eye out for boats or floating debris.

As planned, we arrived in our sheltered cove for the evening. What had looked like a large, sheltered inlet seemed like a small dent in the shoreline from the water. It didn't seem like it was very sheltered but it worked quite well. I dropped the anchor for the first time, which held fast and before long I had whipped up a fabulous dinner. (The least I could do after Andrew kept watch in the captain's seat most of the day.)

The day had passed quickly with the hum of the motor in the background, beautiful scenery and a good book in my hand.  I am nearly through my first book and I am not looking quite as pasty now that I have gotten some sun. Perhaps I could get used to this!