Training Exercises: Day 1


On our way to the 1000 Islands

Seeing as I do not have Andrew's knowledge of sailing, we have decided to take 2 weeks away so that I can do some training. The list of things I would like to learn is long but we also need to figure out if I can relax enough to enjoy sailing as much as he does. The challenge is on!

Toronto's skyline disappears on the crisp morning horizon in a beautiful blue tapestry. Already there is no wind so we are under power rather than sailing. Not much to do other than taking photos . . . oh and perhaps some suntanning on the deck. It was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon together.

We arrived in Cobourg's port just as a storm rolled in making docking a bit more challenging. After it cleared a beautiful evening emerged creating a stunning background to the fairgrounds which would open the next day. The lovely evening that followed was ideal for a walk and dinner at the local Japanese restaurant for some sushi.

Unfortunately our first day out could not be perfect! An unreachable toilet disposal line burst during our trip and despite repeated attempts to reattach it, it simply cannot be fixed, at least not today. After several attempts by Andrew, he had to give up. This would take a few more parts and tools to get it fixed.

Time for a glass of wine and some relaxing lighting to de-stress. Ahh! We might be able to relax after all. What a perfect day and ideal evening!