Targa 2016 - Day 1


The Newfoundland scenery is simply stunning! The diverse landscaping is breath-taking and we are simply blown away by the host towns who provide fabulous lunches and welcome us. It is amazing that we have the opportunity to race through towns and highways.

We quickly learned that we need to make a few modifications to our racing. In the GT class, we not only have to ensure we arrive at the end on time BUT we also need to maintain consistent speed throughout the race. There are hidden check-points along each route and we quickly learned we had racked up several penalty points. 

For today we have squeaked through since we have a 12 second buffer window but it will get harder but after our first few runs we decided that we race as though we only had a one second window. By the last day we will only have a two second window so we hope that this strategy will keep us near a podium finish.

The strategy is a good one. Now to make it work!

Our communication has needed some modification. Our races have not been ending on a good note . . . but we fixed that. We are celebrating our successes after a review of our not so good failures. One thing is for sure, we made the right call having Andrew on navigation and me driving. We are figuring this thing out and having a blast doing it.

Couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. We make an excellent team!