Manitoulin Island - Day 4


We bid a fond farewell to Manitoulin Island but not before fresh fish for lunch and a little brief tour of the shops in South Baymouth before our ferry ride. Once we boarded and tied down our bikes for the ride, we took a quick look around. This flatbed tuck loaded with construction equipment made me chuckle. I wish I had been around to watch it drive onto the ferry. I am not sure how it even fit through the opening...but there it is!

Once again we wanted to take a trip to the top of the ferry. We watched the island slowly disappear. The Canadian flag flying at the back of the boat reminded us how great it is to explore the country you live in. As a final goodbye, we were blessed by a presentation done by Manitoulin Island's First Nations people. We felt a deep sense of thankfulness. What a beautiful part of Canada to visit!