Manitoulin Island - Day 2

After a perfect breakfast of homemade scones and eggs provided by our very sweet hosts, we set out early this morning on our way to Meldrum Bay. The winding roads beckoned, drawing us out of town with only brief stops to admire wildlife and the scenery on this incredible island.

We expected Meldrum Bay to be a small town but the highlight of the area was a small inn and a gorgeous bay. It was not quite what we expected but we are always up to trying new things. We decided to visit the inn restaurant, enjoy a meal and the fabulous view before exploring the island further.

The inn held several lovely surprises. In the bathroom they had the most inventive wallpaper/paint on the walls. Warm wishes from visitors covered the walls in black, silver and gold marker (so cool) and of course a few fun signs to liven my mood after a long ride.

The menu was full of lovely meal options. After placing our order, we were more than occupied with our lovely drinks, the fragrant aromas of green hydrangeas, hanging flower pots and gardens, and the refreshing lake breezes...oh and friendly visitors that scurried by. Although we were quite full after our amazing meal, we gave in to the owners dessert recommendation, Mandarin Saffron Cheesecake. Amazing!

There was one more location we wanted to reach today, the Bridal Veil Falls. Back on our bikes we explored various roads, causeways and small villages. By the time we reached the falls we were covered in green splatters from the many flying insects along the way.

The falls were spectacular and so refreshing. We cooled off and watched while families laughed, splashed, and played in the lake and falls. It was a sweet experience before departing back to the inn where our 'dear' friend welcomed us. What a lovely day!