Oct 2: Amsterdam in 6 Hours


Our day began with an incredible 40' drop in the largest lock on the Erie. We shared the lock with a customized power boat called the 'Tinacious', the home of a retired couple Art and Pam who now enjoyed life on the water. 

They expected to leave us far behind since most sailing vessels travel much slower than power boats. Through the day we shared several more locks and before long Art asked if we would join them all the way to Amsterdam, a long day of motoring.

Along the way the scenery was spectacular but the sight of Amsterdam's gorgeous marina island after a long day was a relief. In the evening we had a long visit with Art and Pam. Their incredible story of building their boat from the hull up and drastically changing their lifestyle was inspiring.

They moved on to Waterford the next day, but we stayed on to tour Amsterdam which looks amazing from the water. We were disappointed to find out that there was not much to see in town, either north or south of the bridges.

We were excited to explore the historic area of Amsterdam only to discover that most buildings were no longer in use and had fallen into disrepair. Sadly a lost opportunity for a potentially amazing tourism district.

We returned to the marina island where massive improvement project was completed. Beautiful gardens, concert amphitheater, playgrounds, historic plaques, walkways and bike paths all told the story of Amsterdam. So lovely! Unfortunately the walkways lead nowhere.

We hope this is just the beginning of beautification projects for Amsterdam which is rich in history and a valuable part of the US.