Oct 13-15: 3rd Anchorage (Home for 3 days)


We left NY and Lady Liberty, past the city, barges anchored together just inside the bay, the gateway bridge to the ocean brilliantly constructed for two layers for traffic (commercial and standard vehicles), and jet ferries. We were off to our 3rd anchorage just outside the harbour at Sandy Hook.

We had planned to do one overnight but we need 48hrs to get to safe harbour on the east coast. As we watched the weather we realized that Monday would be the safest departure so we spent a few nights.

We sat down to Peppercorn chicken breast, with garlic butter asparagus and seasoned potatoes with white wine, of course with candle light and jazz. After dinner Andrew got me addicted to a new solitaire game, Spider. Not that I needed that... lol.

Our first night/day here was very Rocky and I was nauseous most of the day and didn't hardly sleep. (Not a confidence boosting day.) Waves don't usually bother me so I am sure I will get my sea legs soon.

We said goodbye to 5 other sailboats that were headed south through the intercoastal. Unfortunately the bridges are too low for us. Once they departed we enjoyed a parade of chartered and local fishing boats rush to the mouth of the bay where ocean water meets brackish water (salt and fresh water), then rush back to get their next charters. (Hence all the waves making me sick.)

Large fish were jumping throughout the day. We could only catch a glimpse of dark smooth skin each time, then watch ripples so large our boat would rock a bit. These were not cottage size fish.

Andrew asked a local fisherman what they were catching. "Ahhh, it's Bluefish and Striper season but all we're catching is these darn sharks!!" I think he uttered some expletives in there with his thick NY accent.

We realized the sharks must be what we were seeing jump around the boat. Don't worry mom, they were the calm, smaller ones that people swim with.

By evening the wind let up, the jet ferries finished their routes and the fishing boats went home. We enjoyed a calm evening with a couple bowls of Andrew-made chicken soup to quiet my stomach and battled it out with some Yahtzee. We both got Yatzee!!! (But he beat me.)

Today we enjoyed breakfast and some Bible and reflective time together as the morning fishing boats arrived in parade. During the day we worked on more prep and planning, and vac sealed some veggies for the freezer (lots to do yet for our 9 months away). Later we moved to another spot in the bay as the wind will shift in the night. 

Tomorrow we will set off early and should make it to our pre-booked marina slip in Norfolk, Virginia in Chesapeake Bay by late Tues or early Wed. From the looks of it we will be enjoying some speed. My favorite kind of sailing!