Oct 12: NY here we come!


A marina in NY could change our anode! Amazing!!

We were underway first thing. Before long we were greeted by large tug driven barges. Everyday bridges gave way to architectural marvels, and historical buildings nestled in contrast beside modern.

As NY city appeared on the horizon the sites grew more interesting. Condo communities jutted out onto the water, mini stilted cities unto their own. Historic ships sailing past historic NY. An aircraft carrier turned museum, showcasing some of the best in technology just outside NY's bustling business centre.

One of the very interesting things on the water was a submersible dry-dock for barges. Seen left, the green, large outer ship submerges under water to allow the barges to enter. The 'dry-dock' then raises letting all of the water out, providing a dry space below the barges so repairs can be completed. 

The city is beautiful yet hectic. From the Hudson River to the NY harbour, jet ferries rushed back and forth kicking up waves that look more like plumes of water, as large cruise ships, taxis, fishing boats, charters and of course jet skis fly by. The busyness was represented well by Andrew's active ship app on his phone.

It was hard to pick out what to photograph with so many interesting things and buildings passing by. But as we drew near the marina one building had to be photographed . . . the Freedom Tower which stands in place of the twin towers.

Before long we reached Liberty Landing where they made quick work of switching out our now rusted anode and attaching the new one. We checked into our new slip as a youth team-building/leadership boat pulled into the harbour. These youth experiences are usually on an older tall-ship which requires teamwork to make things run.

Once we were settled in it was time to head off for groceries. We have made a regular habit of walking to get supplies or groceries and today was no exception. We first embarked on our 2 min ferry ride to the other side of the harbour, then enjoyed the sites of NY walking with our folding wagon.

I usually drag the folded wagon and Andrew (like a gentleman) drags the full wagon. I used the opportunity to snap a few architectural photos and caught one of NY's attendant parking lots. Wow! I thought Toronto was crazy. These parking guys are pros parking cars within inches of each other.

On our way back we walked past a daycare where 3 giddy toddlers, all smiles, were together strumming one guitar and singing away. It was so adorable! (Pic not included.)

As we waited for our ferry, the last of the Lady Liberty tour ships came in to dock (also with precision) within what seemed inches of each other. Groceries away and late night laundry done, we settled into bed with a stunning NY sky providing our night light. Sweet dreaming!