Targa 2016 - Day 4

Day four races included increased speeds and our first race into a town. On the town races we were told that timing is everything. We were to build up as many seconds as possible before heading into the town because we would lose them going through the covers in town.

I judged the race poorly and we came into town 11 seconds slow and racked up the most penalties we had had so far. Once we parked I was so mad at myself that I wanted to stay in the car for a while to get my head back in the right place before I went to lunch.

After discussions with other drivers we discovered we were not alone. Most of them had also racked up points and misjudged the entry.

The day was rainy and very cold. It took a lot of focus to keep our heads in the game but the rest of the day went very well as we hit almost perfect times.